Our online sports training and rehab program is designed for anyone age 10-70, and will benefit and serve:

  • Serious athletes looking to get an edge physically in speed, jumping, and strength
  • General fitness enthusiasts who are looking to stay in shape and protect themselves from injury
  • People with nagging injuries looking to get out of pain and get back into fitness routines or sports

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If you have been dealing with nagging injuries and no one has been able to fix you, have hope– our COREXS12 Injury Rehab has performed many “miracles.” Don’t believe us — Check out our testimonials.


Our rehab program is performed one-on-one through Skype or FaceTime. This method of supervision ensures that the user is performing the exercises correctly. It also allows us to evaluate the source of your injury and make sure you are progressing correctly with the exercises. In addition to these one-on-one sessions, we will provide you with videos of the exercises we select for your specific injury.

Rehab System

Our rehab system is called COREXS12. The system uses 12 corrective exercises and stabilizer muscle tests (5 hip, 4 shoulder, 3 trunk/core). We also have 6 additional exercises for the wrist, neck, and ankles. If one of these 12 stabilizer muscles is weak, injuries will occur as a result. To heal the client, we simply strengthen the weakness determined from the testing, eliminating the compensations that are causing the injury.

More Affordable Therapy Options

If you want help healing your injuries but can’t afford our therapy, check out our $60Corexs12 foundations. The APP gives you access to our do it yourself muscle tests and rehab exercises. However, best results come from doing video call private sessions with our trainers. It is much more challenging to fix your injuries on your own. 

Video Call Therapy Purchase Includes

Purchase $575
  • 6 Video Call Private Sessions: Six (6) 60 min
  • Videos will be provided of each exercise that is selected for you
  • Specific exercise protocol to rehab the ankle, wrist and neck
  • COREXS12 Program – foundation exercises are modified based on injury: legs/hips(5), core/low back (3), shoulder (4)
  • Equipment Needed

Options After Completing Rehab

On your own Training – COREXS24 Full System

  • Comes Free of charge with your rehab package
  • Corexs24 full system (COREXS12 program- foundations combined with 12 progression exercises) is used as a transition from rehab into maintenance workouts to stay injury free and fit. 
  • 4 Months Online Access to videos and programs
  • $10 monthly membership after online access expires

Own your own Training – Level 1 Sports Training

  • Level 1 is part of our 6 level training system for serious athletes trying to reach their pinnacle of speed, strength and vertical. 
  • You can purchase Level 1 sports training at a DISCOUNTED rate of $100 and includes one (1) 60min video call session
  • After the video call session, you can continue to do the program on your own through our APP

Private Video Call Training:

  • You can continue to do private video call sessions with our trainers to maximize results and perfect form using Corexs24 or Level 1 programs. 
  • Video Call Rates: 60min = $110,   4 Session Package = $400
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“Corrective Exercise System”
12 Exercises To Fix Your Entire Body

Purchase $60, Pricing details below

COREXS12 is the most important training you will ever do to protect yourself from injury and allow you to train longer into your career. Whether you are a professional athlete, younger or older athlete, yoga practitioner, or just into general fitness, COREXS12 can take you to the next level physically all while healing your injuries. These exercises will correctly align your entire body to improve your posture, balance your muscles to increase flexibility, and athletically sculpt your entire body.

COREX12 exercises are not just for injury prevention but also for advancing higher level sports training exercises. Athletes who are looking for an edge will get faster, stronger, and more explosive using the 12 exercises in this system. These exercises will also increase one rep max for bench and squat.

COREX12 Foundations 

The 12 Foundation exercises are split into 3 main areas of the body: hips (5), shoulders (4), and core (3). These target specific muscles within each area of the body to rehab injuries and safeguard from injury.

The reason that the COREXS12 foundations are so effective is because they target small muscles that athletes almost never train in the weight room or in physical therapy. COREXS12 exercises eliminate compensations in the hips and shoulders by balancing all of the supportive muscles with their opposing counterparts. Once the muscles are properly balanced, they work together as a unit during lifting and explosive movements, maximizing speed, strength and flexibility potential. 

Limited Equipment

The best part about COREXS12 is that it does not require much equipment and can be performed in the comfort of your home. 

Equipment Needed

Equipment Needed

Testing Protocol

Each foundation exercise has simple testing guidelines to follow to know how to advance each exercise to see if you are ready for more weight or a different challenge level of the exercise.

Prescribed Reps & Sets 

Each of the 12 foundation exercises are performed twice per week, (3-4 sets x 15-20 reps). Each session takes 60-80 minutes to complete. Athletes also have the option to split the exercises up over a 4-day weekly training cycle. Each session takes 15-25 minutes to complete.


Purchase $60

The COREXS12 Program is a great introduction into our fitness and sports training. The exercises can be used for the rest of your career to improve athletic performance, rehab injuries and stay injury free.

Program Includes
4 months of access to our programs and instructional videos of all exercises such as:

  • COREXS12 Total body training routines: (2x/week OR 4x/week)
  • Training duration per session: (2x-60-80min, 4x-15-25min)
  • Our innovative squat and bench technique program
  • Ankle rehab and protection program
  • $10 monthly fee after online access expires
  • Upgrade at any time to Corexs24 Full System or Level 1 Sports Training 

Optional-Foundational Zoom Classes

  • $55 per, 60min, semi private 2- 4 clients per class.
  • Classes focus on Corexs12 Foundation technique for rehab and Injury prevention



Full System

COREXS24 is the COREXS12 Foundations combined with 12 Progression exercises forming our complete “Corrective Exercise System.”

Progressions combined with Foundations

The 12 Foundational exercises work the same muscles as the 12 progressions, but recruit different parts of the same muscle for maximum protection and support. It is similar to doing a flat bench versus a chest fly. Both work the same chest muscles but strengthen separate parts of the chest at different angles. However, unlike general lifting routines, COREXS24 focuses on both the supportive muscles and major muscle groups to build a strong support structure that will last long into your career.

High Level Training

COREXS24 is not just for injury prevention, but is also a high level strength training system and is part of our Sports Training 6 Levels. Perfecting the exercises and reaching more challenging levels will improve speed, strength, and explosive power.

No Additional Workload To Routine

When the progressions are added to a routine, it does not create additional work time. We use the 12 foundation exercises on one day and then use the 12 progression exercises on a separate training day. This creates the same amount of work time as using the COREXS12 Program – foundation exercises.


Purchase $225

COREXS24 full system (COREXS12 program-foundations combined with the 12 progression exercises). COREXS24 is for clients who want to learn the 24 exercises for their rehab knowledge or to incorporate the exercises into their current fitness regimen.  Corexs24 can also be used as a stepping stone into the 6 Level Sports Training

Program Savings

Your purchase of the COREXS24 Full System also includes the COREXS12 foundations for no additional cost; this is a $60 savings

Program Includes

6 months of access to our Programs and instructional videos, including:

  • COREXS24 (12 foundations combined with 12 progressions exercises) total body training routines: (2x/week OR 4x/week)
  • Training duration per session: 2x-60-80, 4x-15-25min)
  • Our innovative squat and bench technique program
  • Ankle, Wrist, Neck – rehab and protective strength exercises.
  • $10 monthly fees after online access expires

(4) Four Foundational Zoom Classes – Semi-private

  • The video call classes are 60min and we allow no more than 2- 4 clients per class. Each client works individually with a trainer perfecting their form using Corexs12 foundations. 

Upgrades After Completing 4  Foundational Zoom Classes:

  • Level 1 Sports Training, $200 Upgrade – Two (2) 60min Private Video Call
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6 Level Sports Training

Maximizing Athletic Potential

Much like earning a black belt in martial arts, Corexcell has developed a 6 level tiered system to motivate athletes to maximize their athletic performance and safeguard them from injury.

All 6 levels are geared toward serious athletes who want to make a difference in their athletic career. The training programs in each level combine sprinting, jumping and lifting into one complete program. The programs are also customizable for each sport to maximize speed, strength, throwing/hitting velocity, and jumping ability.

Each level builds upon the next, making the routines more challenging and unique at every stage. Moving too soon into different levels and failing our testing protocol will limit results and increase risk of injury.

Learn training levels 1-6



To Enter Level 1, You have to complete 4 Zoom classes in Corexs24 or 6 sessions in Video Call Therapy.

Purchase $200

Upgrade Coming From COREXS24 

  • Two (2), 60min private video call sessions

Purchase $100

Upgrade Coming From Injury Rehab 

  • One (1), 60min private video call sessions

Program Includes: 

  • 2 or 4x per week Upper/Lower Body Lifting Programs
  • Jump and Sprint Programs customized per sport.
  • Corexs24 Full System
  • MUST PASS- Our Corexs24 Form Tests before entering Level


Level 2-5 Testing Requirements

After passing Corexs12 Testing and enter Level 1, athletes have the option to test through Video Calls every 4-8 weeks to see if they are ready to move onto a higher level of training (Level 2-5). The testing includes: Stabilizer muscles tests in hips, shoulders & core/ lifting form/ explosive tests.

Level 2-5 = $215 per level

  • Two (2) 60 min Private Skype Sessions

Level 6 = $100

  • Review Videos of your testing material

Learn about training Levels

Each Level Program Includes

  • 6 months of access to our programs and instructional videos of all exercises below
  • $10 monthly fee after online access expires

Stabilizer Muscle Training/ Flexibility

  • COREXS24 – (COREXS12 foundations combined with 12 progressions)
  • Ankle, Wrist, Neck protective exercises
  • Upper and Lower body Stretch Program (Starts in Level 2)

Lifting Upper/Lower Body

  • 4-week training cycles per level. Training duration per session is 1.5-2 hours
  • 2x lower body or 4x upper/lower body advanced lifting programs. New exercises at every level
  • Safe max testing system for squat, deadlift, & bench
  • Properly using chains and bands for squat, deadlift, and bench
  • Lifting cycles change every level based on percentages of your max squat and bench


  • Sports specific jump programs to maximize explosive power and vertical jump
  • Sprint and conditioning programs specifically customized per sport
  • Track Sprint Programs designed and periodized per event based on (speed work, speed endurance 1 & 2, tempo runs)
  • Sprint Technique drills
  • Technical agility training with cutting techniques to improve first step quickness and elusiveness (Starts in Level 2)


These certifications are designed for trainers, therapists, and chiropractors. The Rehab Certification is built into 3 parts. Most of the training is done one-on-one through Skype with you (or with you and one of your clients). The final stage to the certification is an oral exam to test your retention of the rehab system.

Corexcell Rehab Certification is 3 Parts

  • Part 1 = $575
  • Part 2 = $1000
  • Part 3 = $250

For Sports Trainers

As a trainer, not only do you need to be able to improve performance but you also need to be able to rehab injuries. Being able to rehab injuries effectively gives you more credibility and sets you apart from other trainers. Rehab also opens up an entirely new revenue stream into your training center and most of your rehab clients will transfer from therapy into your private sessions, fitness classes, and sports performance training.

For Therapists/Chiropractors

Incorporating our rehab exercise system in combination with your current techniques will give you a huge advantage to heal clients at a faster rate. The rehab certification will give you a deeper understanding of the source of injuries and how to directly apply the techniques to your current methods in chiropractic, message, or physical therapy.

Becoming Fully Certified

Part 1 and 2 of our Cert will give you the knowledge you need to get excellent results in healing clients injuries. The exercises and rehab protocol you learn can also be used for the rest of your career.

However, we do not fully certify trainers or therapists unless they complete all 3 parts of the Cert. In other words, if you stop the training after completing Part 1 or 2, there can be no acknowledgement of any degree or level of certification in our rehab system. We strive to ensure that Corexcell certified trainers are fully competent in healing athletes and can also converse with physical therapists and doctors. This is why all three parts are equally important to being fully certified in our rehab system.

Certification Part 1

Purchase $575

Completion: 3-4 weeks

Part 1 is a great introduction and stepping stone into becoming fully certified and will give you the basics in our rehab protocol without a huge financial commitment. The goal of Part 1 is to fully understand the benefits of the COREXS12 Program- foundations and for you to properly execute the techniques, start points and advancements of each exercise and apply them to your injured clients.

COREXS12 Foundations

Our rehab system is called COREXS12. The rehab method uses 12 corrective exercises and stabilizer muscle tests (5 hip, 4 shoulder, 3 trunk/core). We also have 6 additional exercises for the wrist, neck, and ankles. If one of these 12 stabilizer muscles is weak, injuries will occur as a result. To heal the client we simply strengthen the weakness determined from the testing, eliminating the compensations that are causing the injury.


Note: If the injury requires surgery our rehab protocol will not fix the injury.

Purchase Includes:

Six Private Video Call sessions

  • Six (6) 60min sessions
  • Learning to modify the COREXS12 Program- foundation exercises based on the injury– legs/hips(5), trunk/low back (3), shoulder (4)
  • Educational and instructional videos of all exercises in the certification

4 months Access to Online Programs and Video

  • COREXS24 Full System includes the COREXS12 program-foundations along with 12 progression exercises. In part two of the training we will be teaching you the 12 progressions. This gives you an opportunity to study the progressions before starting part 2.
  • $10 monthly membership after online access expires

Phoenix Wave Training

Optional Purchase = $150
After you complete Part 1 of our training, You also have the option to learn how we use the Phoenix Wave stim machine in conjunction with the COREXS12 Program to produce better results in rehab by healing clients/ patients at a faster rate. We also teach you our rehab and exercise protocol for the ankles, wrists, and neck.

  • One (1) 60min Video Chat session to learn how to use the machine and apply the pads to the correct locations on clients weaknesses that are causing their injuries
  • Videos on the all the pad placements and use of the machine
  • Phoenix machines can be purchased through Jeff Banas Chiropractic for $3,500. Click for more information.

Certification Part 2: $1000

The goal of this training is to learn the COREXS24 Full System (COREX12 foundations combined with 12 progression exercises). We teach you how the Progressions work with the Foundations to fully balance the body and completely heal clients. We work with you and your injured clients through video calls to better understand the rehab adjustments and changes in protocol for different injuries. You will also learn our rehab exercises and protocol for the ankles, wrists, and neck.

Purchase Includes:

Ten (10) private video call sessions total:

  • Perfecting the form of the COREXS12 foundations and 12 progression exercises:
      5 private video call sessions- Three (3) 60min and two (2) 30min
  • Working one on one with you and your injured clients:
      5 private video call sessions- Three (3) 60min and two (2) 30min

One year Online Program Access to:

  • COREXS24 Full System
  • Level 1 Sports Training: Having access to the First Level of our Sports training, gives you the option to start working toward your sports training cert in addition to the rehab cert. See details at the bottom
  • $10 monthly membership after online access expires

Part 3 Fully Certified: $250

Completion: 1 month to study & test

In Part 3, you will be provided with written material to study the anatomy on why injuries and compensations occur from weaknesses in the Corexs12 foundational muscles.  We will also provide you with additional materials on ankles, neck, and wrists injuries. After studying the material we test you with:


1st Test 45 min Oral Examination

  • On the anatomy in relation to injuries and COREXS12 foundations

2nd Test 1:30 min Exercise Examination

  • On the proper technique and levels of the COREX24 foundations and progressions.

Final Cert Step

Completion: 8-12 months from the start of Cert (Part 1)

The final step to be fully rehab certified is to send us ten (10) 30-40 sec video testimonials of clients you fixed in 8 sessions using our rehab method which include the following injuries: hamstring, hip flexor/groin, low back, shoulder, ankle, knee.

Includes 2 year Online Program Access to:

Sports Training Certification: $850

Completion: 5-6 months

Before starting your sports performance certification, you are required to Complete Part 1 & Part 2 of our Sport Rehab Cert. The rehab training will give you an in depth understanding of how to test for small muscle weaknesses to protect clients from injury, rehab injuries, and give you the knowledge to fully maximize athletic performance gains.


The Sports Training Cert is very simple and straightforward. We are basically using the same set up and guidelines as in the 6 Level Sports training section. To get certified you have to take a client or yourself through each Level 1-4. You are not required to complete level 5-6. Each level is 4 weeks long. At the end of each level we will test you or the chosen client with two video call sessions. The testing will be on lifting, jumping, and sprinting drills from the prior level and go over the form of some of the new training aspects in the next level. After completing level 4 you will be provided with written material to study to take an oral exam on program design and overtraining. Details below.

Purchase Includes:

At the end of each Level 1,2, and 3

  • Two (2) 60min video call sessions

At the end of Level 4

  • One (1) 60min Oral Exam on over training and adjusting sprinting, lifting, jump volume
  • One (1) 60min video call session on performing Level 5

2 year Online Program & Video Access to:

  • COREXS24 Full System
  • Level (1,2,3,4,5) Sports Training:
  • $10 monthly membership after online access expires

See 6 Level Sports Training for specific details on the programs and exercises
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