Dukes Lacrosse Club

Jason Christmas

Corexcell worked with my Lacrosse Club at the Ricky Whelan Duke’s Developmental Program. To my surprise they worked on actual Dodging instead of running around cones or through cones. They stressed body control, a low center of gravity, and body placement. They broke it down step by step and their drills helped us evaluate the movement of our potential players. They’ll be a perennial staple of our yearly clinic and I encourage all of players to take advantage of Corexcell to become stronger and quicker!


Parkland HS

Jon Warg

I came to Corexcell because It became harder and harder each year to play defense on Will Schantz. He got drastically faster and his dodges improved a ton. So he told me where he was training and I was sold. I came in and they helped me become stronger, quicker, and helped me improve my footwork so that I can be the most dominant Defensive pole on the field!

Parkland HS

Blaise Fugazzotto

I heard about Core from a few teammates and was interested when I saw their results. I went in and trained in the summer and I began to run faster and got better at my defensive footwork. Now it’s the winter of 2012 and my bench and squat have gone up tremendously. With the work ethic Corexcell teaches you, it’s possible to play against anyone. Over the fall I was matched up with a 235 pound attackman. To my surprise I pushed him around almost to the point of manhandling him. Because of Core I made the fab 40 all star team at the Philly showcase. Without them I wouldn’t be getting as many college looks and opportunites. Corexcell is the best, thanks a bunch!


College Lacrosse

Justin Brown

I gotta give a big thanks to Corexcell for the great training. I got so much faster and my dodging improved a ton. Couldn’t have made Player of the Year with out you guys. Thanks!

Nazareth HS

Bryan Shields

I started Corexcell going into my 10th grade season and saw improvements right away. I continued Corexcell during my junior year as well and performed better then I ever had that season. I ended the season with 69 total points and made Express Times player of the week. I was also voted Express Times first team all area as well. I am now training at Corexcell again preparing myself for my senior year season. I see great things happening for myself this season and that’s all thanks to Corexcell’s great facility and the fantastic equipment they use there. Zach and Brandon are incredible trainers that push you to accomplish your greatest goals and make every season successful.


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