Our Philosophy

Building the Proper Structural Foundation

At CoreXcell, our philosophy is to not only build weight lifting strength, but to also correct structural weaknesses in the smaller supportive muscles of the hips, core, shoulders, and ankles.

Training smaller muscles are just as important as performing major lifting exercises like squat and bench. The more muscles working together as a unit during athletic movements, the faster and stronger athletes become. 

Additionally, focusing on smaller muscles weaknesses limits the chance of injury by placing less impact on the joints and eliminating compensations. 

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Combining The Best Training Methods

There are many paths to Rome when it comes to sports training. This means that there are many different training methods to make athletes faster and stronger. At CoreXcell, we have spent the last 15 years experimenting with multiple training philosophies and determined what methods work best, based on the body type of the individual and the level of the athlete.

What makes our training method unique is its ability to blend the two extremes of heavy weight training versus developing athletic speed & flexibility. We are the yin and yang of sports training, and our athletes are always challenged to not only get stronger with squats and deadlifts, but also to become more flexible and structurally balanced with their smaller stabilizer muscles.

Get Certified in our System

Who we learned from:

Below is a list of the noted trainers we personally trained with or trained with one of their close apprentices in the recent past.

  • Marv Marnovich – Sports Science Lab, Troy Polomalu strength coach
  • Buddy Morris – NFL Arizona Cardinals strength coach
  • Charles Francis – World renowned former Canadian track coach

  • Loui Simmons – World champion power lifting coach
  • Charles Poliquin – Olympic Canadian gold medal bob sled strength coach
  • Susan Bianchi – Intrinsic Health Systems, Therapist for NFL Jets