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Before We Get Started:


Before entering into the program, all athletes are tested to determine flexibility deficiencies and small muscle stabilizer weaknesses in the hips, core, shoulders, and ankles. In addition, we baseline test the athlete’s speed, strength, and power to show before and after results after a two month period. Once the testing is completed, we use the results to develop a specific program for each individual based on their sport and muscular imbalances. Nutrition plans can also be implemented for those athletes and parents who have the discipline to commit to eating healthy.

  • Speed/Agility Tests: Vertical Jump, Pro Agility, Broad jump, 40 or 60 yard dash

  • Strength Tests:  Squat, Bench, Glute/Hamstring
  • Structural Imbalance Tests: Core, Hips, Shoulder Rotator Cuff, Ankles
  • Stretch Tests: 15 upper and lower body stretches

Training Includes:

We Focus On

The Big Three

Our Training program focuses on developing the big three (sprinting, jumping, lifting) while also correcting flexibility and structural deficiencies. By training all of these athletic components at once, it provides the best chance to develop a well rounded athlete who is fast, strong, mobile, explosive, and highly conditioned.

  • Lifting by squatting and deadlifting improves your strength to run faster and jump higher.

  • Sprinting improves your speed but also enhances your strength levels particularly in your hamstrings and glutes. This helps to drive up your Squat and Deadlift max.
  • Jumping improves explosive power and increases your ability to lift heavier weights faster, leading to better acceleration and first step speed.

  • Structurally Balancing the smaller stabilizer muscles, by correcting weakness and mobility deficiencies in the (hips, core, shoulders, ankles) improves the ability to get athletes stronger and faster in a shorter amount of time and cuts down on training injuries.

A Unique Experience

Customizing Programs

You can’t be a great power lifter and a great sprinter at the same time.  The body will only allow one of the three training components to dominante and rule out over the other two.  Therefore, depending on the sport, we customize each CoreXcell program by prioritizing the training volume of the big three in order of importance. However, we always train all three simultaneously for maximum results.

For instance; A volleyball player will focus more on technical jumping and lifting, while reducing sprinting volume. A lineman will focus more on lifting while reducing sprinting and jumping volumes. A 100 meter sprinter will focus more on sprinting as the number one priority over jumping and lifting.

Lifting for

Speed and Strength

Improper weight training can make athletes slow, tight, and less athletic. This is mainly due to the fact that too many programs are focused on lifting heavy weights and pay very little attention to lifting for speed. The key to our weight training program is counterbalancing slow, heavier lifts with fast high speed movements on our Isokinetic Speed machines. This machine allows you to simultaneously gain strength while improving speed. Our unique lifting regimen will produce the best chance for athletes to reach top speed, improve their vertical potential, and gain mass if need be.

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