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Before Training

Before entering into the program, all athletes are tested on flexibility and small muscle stabilizer weaknesses to determine where potential injuries could occur during training. This includes 14 Tests: 4 hip, 3 core, 4 shoulder, and 2 ankle. In addition, we baseline test the athlete’s speed, strength, and power to show before and after results after a two-month period. Once the testing is completed, we use the results to develop a specific program for each individual based on their sport, age, ability, and small muscle weaknesses.

Nutrition Plans can also be implemented for those athletes and parents who have the discipline to commit to eating healthy and taking the correct supplements based on their bloodwork and DNA. Learn More

Training Preparation

Building a Foundation

After testing, we prepare the athlete for 2 weeks using our COREXS12 “Corrective Structural Exercises” This program uses 12 corrective foundational exercises to protect against injury in the upper and lower body, rehab injuries, improve flexibility, and increase speed & strength.

The key to COREXS12 is that it corrects small muscle weaknesses causing compensation and limiting athletic performance. These exercises also build strength and flexibility simultaneously in both the upper and lower body. Smaller muscles in the hips and shoulders are just as important to train as major lifting exercise (squat and bench). The more muscles working together as a unit during athletic movements, the faster and stronger athletes become.

COREXS12 is not only the basis of our entire sports training, but it is also how we rapidly heal athletes’ injuries

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6 Level System

Sports Performance

After 2 weeks of COREXS12, athletes enter into our 6 Level sports training system. Much like earning a black belt in martial arts, Corexcell has developed an athletic level system to motivate athletes to reach their pinnacle of performance and to safeguard from injury. Each athlete is tested at the end of each month to see if they are ready to move onto a higher level of training.

Learn training levels 1-6

Each program level includes the following training components below.  Every program is customized for each individual based on their age and sport.

1.  Corrective Exercises – We continue using and progressing the COREXS12 movements as part of our warm up and lifting routine to protect from injury and enhance speed, flexibility, and lifting capabilities.

2. Jumping – doing plyometrics improves explosive power and increases your ability to lift heavier weights faster, leading to better acceleration and first step speed.

3. Lifting – the key to making strong and fast athletes is counterbalancing slow, heavier lifts with high speed lifting variations on our machines or using other speed lifting variations. Click here to see our machines!

4. Sprinting/Agility – A combination of lifting and jumping with the correct sprint training will produce the greatest speed results. We adjust the sprint training to meet the needs of each clients’ sport. Our sprint program includes: conditioning, sprint drills, acceleration training; 10-20yds, and speed work; 30-60 yds. We also include sports specific agility techniques to teach proper on field cuts and fakes.

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