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Building the Proper Structural Foundation:

Our Philosophy

At Corexcell, our philosophy is to structurally balance the supportive stabilizer muscles in the hips/core/shoulders/ankles, making the athlete less prone to injury, while enhancing higher levels of speed, lifting strength, and coordination.

Sprinting, lifting, and jumping are a major part of our training to improve athletic power. However, if there is a weakness in the smaller supportive muscles, athletes will limit their power out put by primarily relying on the major muscle groups to perform explosive movements. If the smaller muscles are not being used efficiently in the chain = less power production.

Additionally, stabilizer muscle weaknesses will place more impact on the joints and muscular system, causing long term wear and tear and an increased injury potential.

Over a 15 year period, Corexcell has come up with a testing methodology to pinpoint muscle weaknesses and take the necessary steps to put athletes in structural balance to improve performance and eliminate injuries.

Blending the Best Training Concepts

Unified Method

There is many paths to Rome when it comes to sports training. Meaning There are many different training methods to make athletes fast and strong. At Corexcell we have spent the last 15 years experimenting with multiple training methods and determined what methods work best based on the body type of the athlete, the level of the athlete, and phase of training.

What makes the unified training method unique is its ability to blend the two extremes of heavy weight training versus developing athletic speed & flexibility. We are the Ying and yang of sports training. And Our athletes are always challenged not only to get stronger with squat and dead lift but to become more flexible and structurally balanced with their smaller stabilizer muscles.

Learning our system and our muscle testing method will set u apart as a trainer and as an athlete.

Check out our Certification and Testing System.

Who we learned from:

Below is a list of the noted trainers we personally trained with or trained with one of their close apprentices in the recent past.

  • Marv Marnovich – Sports Science Lab, Troy Polomalu strength coach
  • Buddy Morris – NFL Arizona Cardinals strength coach
  • Charles Francis – World renown former Canadian track coach
  • Loui Simmons – World champion power lifting coach
  • Cal Dietz – World champion shot put strength coach
  • Charles Poliquin – Olympic Canadian gold medal bob sled strength coach
  • Susan Bianchi – Intrinsic Health Systems, Therapist for NFL Jets

Meet Our Team:

CoreXcell Founder & Director

Zack Fuller

Zack earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Syracuse University in Industrial Design and studied Exercise Physiology. Zack’s senior Industrial Design thesis used both academic disciplines to develop a sports-specific exercise machine. After college, he started CoreXcell in 2006 with the goal to develop an organized training system to be implemented into other training facilities around the country and to give athletes the advantage they need to improve speed, athleticism, and strength year after year.

The CoreXcell system is becoming nationally recognized and has been licensed to a number of different sports facilities including Hawk Sports Performance.com and Simoneau Sports Performance.com. Zack’s system has helped hundreds of athletes reach their full physical potential from all levels and sports.

As an athlete, Zack was ranked 78th in the nation in juniors’ tennis and was a PIAA District 11 tennis champion as sophomore in 1993 for Emmaus High School.

CoreXcell Trainer

Ryan Fatzinger

Ryan attended Temple University earning his B.S. in the Pre-Health Profession and is working on earning his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and Masters in Nutrition.

He played varsity baseball for Emmaus High School and played Rugby and Baseball for all 4 years at Temple.

He has been working at the CoreXcell Philly location for 3 years while earning his degree. He has worked with Temple Football players designing and creating workout programs and meal plans to maximize results at the Division 1 level. Ryan is also an adult fitness trainer for CoreXcell. He continues to educate and apply himself to maintain training safety and preventing injuries on and off the field.


Mario Barrantes

Mario Barrantes attended Pennsylvania State University, earning his B.S. in Kinesiology, in 2004. He is a former professional soccer player in the Costa Rican Premier League. He is Co-Developer of Dynamic Rehab Resolutions, a Rehabilitation software business. It would allow doctors and therapists to customize and select certain exercise treatment plans to use on patients.

He is a certified massage therapist with his own practice and he has rehabilitated hundreds of athletes over the last 15 years. He worked as a Orthopedic Representative with Depuy Orthopedics from 2007-2011. He has worked for Dr D’Arco’s practice, PA Muscle Bone Joint Clinic from 2013-2016, as a Physical Rehabilitation Manager. Developing specific treatment plans for patients.

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