Zach Fuller

Corexcell Owner

Sports Training Background

Zach earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Design from Syracuse University with a concentration on Exercise Physiology. Zach’s senior Industrial Design thesis was the development of a sports-specific exercise machine.

After college, Zach traveled around the country studying with top sports trainers to form his own system. In 2006, he started CoreXcell Sports Training with a mission to give athletes the advantage they need to improve speed, athleticism, and strength, year after year.

Zach and his team have helped hundreds of athletes over the last 15 plus years to achieve their college and professional dreams using the Corexcell System.

Sports Career

As an athlete, Zach was a nationally ranked junior tennis player and was a PIAA District 11 tennis champion as sophomore in 1993 for Emmaus High School. Zach was recruited by multiple D1 colleges for tennis, but decided to retire from tennis and focus on college club boxing and MMA. After college, he started playing tennis again and added recreational golf.

After multiple injuries in his Mid 30’s from playing one-sided sports, Zach decided to narrow his sports down to mountain biking, skiing and weight training. And has been doing them ever since.

Injury Rehab Background

Due to the compensations and muscle imbalances created from his sports career, Zach had numerous injuries in almost every location of his body (Neck, Back, Wrist, Hips, Knees, Achilles Tendon, Feet, Shoulders).

He spent years working with PTs, and massage therapist with very little improvement. After every system failed him, he decided to take matters into his own hands.  Zach obtained a 3D anatomy program to study the mechanics of the human body in order to understand where and why injuries occur. He then began experimenting on himself and his injured athletes at his gym.

After 15 plus years of dedication to fixing himself and his clients, Zach was able to narrow the essential moves down to 12 specific exercises and tests to fix and isolate the root cause of almost every injury in the human body. The rehab method is called CoreX12 “Feel it to Heel it”


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