Division I Volleyball

Kelly Robertson

I came to Corexcell because It was my lifelong dream to play Volleyball at one of the best Volleyball programs in the country. I saw athletes who they worked with and was impressed. I knew I need to be in great shape when I arrived on campus. They worked on all aspects I need to become a better player on the court. My core got stronger. The machines they have got me really explosive which made my vertical jump went up. They’re testing revealed that I was tight in certain areas and how being inflexible would hurt my jumping and slow me on the court. So they pushed me to get more flexible with their stretch program and it did wonders. I even touched their 10’2″ Basketball rim. I love track and field as well I was coming off a year off from a knee injury and I Triple Jumped 37’11”, a full foot more than my previous best and took 5th at State Championship. I highly recommend it to any Volleyball player that wants to take their game to next level.


Division I Volleyball

Jordan Young

Attending CoreXcell for the past year has without a doubt changed me both as a person and a player. CoreXcell provides all athletes with a workout like no other, strengthening and perfecting every aspect of their game. Each athlete receives a workout specific to their sport. For instance, I do a variety of box jumps and broad jumps, totaling sixty jumps each workout, to increase my jumping ability as a volleyball player. The trainers picked specific jumps for me to do in order to increase my vertical and quicken my hips.

College Volleyball

Rylie Haas

I came to Corexcell had heard how it helped Volleyball players. They helped me work on my weaknesses. As a Libero I needed to be fast and agile on the court to make every dig possible. They helped me get stronger with weights and then their machines they have got me to jump higher and move quicker. I was named 1st team All Freedom Conference as Freshmen getting 570 digs. All thanks to Corexcell!


Shippensburg Volleyball

Samantha Webber

CoreXcell is an amazing training facility with great trainers. They really focus on making your workout fun and spend time making sure what you are doing is the right way and the right form. This program has also given me so many opportunities to meet new people and make plenty of new friendships. CoreXcell has made me so much stronger mentally and physically. The workouts have made it possible for me to focus for a longer period of time and the endurance I need to be successful through volleyball. CoreXcell has given me the opportunity to become a more improved and stronger athlete and I would one hundred percent recommend this to anyone who wants to become a better athlete.

Division I Volleyball

Kayla Kohler

I went to Corexcell to prepare for Division 1 volleyball. I knew it was high level so I had to be in great shape. They helped me get more flexible and move quicker around the court. They helped me get stronger so which definitely helped me on my kills. Also they helped my jumping ability which should be a major concern to any top level volleyball player. It made a difference when I got to campus and I was more prepared than the other freshman. Thanks Corexcell!


Divion I Volleyball

Alex Fortna

I started training at Corexcell the winter of my junior year to prepare for my volleyball season that spring. My vertical, without an approach, was 27″ and, with an approach, 29″ . By the end of my training at Corexcell, I had added 8 inches to my vertical leap; touching 10’8.5″ as a 5’9″ male with a 37″ vertical. Before training at Corexcell, I had not received any accolades or awards in high school. During the rest of my high school career, I was voted first team All-Conference twice, All-State twice, and won a District XI championship. My training with Zach and Brandon led to my being recruited to play at 1 of the 27 Division 1 colleges that offer volleyball. In a sport where height is at a premium, I was recruited to play for an Olympic gold medal winning coach and 5x national champion. Corexcell is a fantastic training facility with top-notch equipment and trainers that care about each individual athlete’s success and safety. I have recommend training there to friends and family. Well worth the investment.

Whitehall Volleyball

Lindsey Hutterer

Corexcell really improved my game. Training through Corexcell has given me the greatest advantage over all of my competition. I came into my high school season after less than 2 months training at Core, jumping through the roof and sprinting faster than ever. Coming here is one of the greatest decisions to improve yourself you can make!


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