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Corexcell Program Price Comparison

> Corexs12 Foundations

Is a do it yourself rehab web app that Comes with 12 foundational exercises for rehab and injury prevention. 5 hip, 4 shoulder, 3 core. We also have 6 additional exercises for the wrist neck ankles. See APP Exercises

> Corexs24 Full System

Comes with Corexs12 foundations & 12 combined progression exercises, and 2 private rehab video sessions to evaluate your injury and learn the exercises. The 12 progressions are used to transition from rehab into a fitness routine. See APP Exercises

> Private Therapy Package

Comes with Corexs24 Full System along with 6 private video call sessions. We evaluate your injuries and work one on one with you to customize your rehab program and perfect exercise technique

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  Corexs12 Foundations Corexs24 Full System Private Therapy Package
PURCHASE HERE $60 $225 $575
2 Private 60min Video Calls    
6 Private 60min Video Calls    
2x or 4x per week Programs / Videos: Interactive Web App
Months of Online Access 6 6 12
12 Foundation Exercises
12 Combined Progression Exercises  
6 Ankle Wrist Neck Foundation Exercises
6 Ankle Wrist Neck combined Progressions  
Squat & Bench Technique Programs
Customized Rehab Program & Highest Injury Success Rate    
Level 1 Sports Training Program    

Sports Performance

Level 1 Plus: $249 - 2 Private sessions and Level 1 App programs
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3 Part Rehab Certification
Part 1: $575 - is considered and includes everything in Private Therapy Package above. Purchase there.
Part 2: $1000 - 10 video call sessions working with you and your injured clients. We also use the sessions to perfect the form of Corexs24
Part 3: $250 - 2 hour Oral Exam and Exercise Form Test
Sports Training Certification
$850 - Must Complete Part 1 & 2 of your Rehab Certification before you can start your Sports Training Certification. An additional 8 hours of Private Video Calls to recieve all 6 Levels of our Sports Training