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East Stroudsburg University

Danielle Smith

Sometimes a setback makes for the best comeback. I broke my foot on a 4×100 handoff at the end of my junior year. I had to rehab 7 months which almost left me no time to prepare for senior season. In my first race i ran a 7.9 60m dash, took 4th place, and was very upset. I came back into Corexcell as i had did in off seasons in the past to get back into shape for senior year. After training for 4 weeks of lifting, rehabbing my foot, working my start and becoming more explosive, I felt amazing! At my first meet after training I came ran a 7.14 55 dash which was .01 from the school record and beat my main rival. Then at PSAC Indoor Championships, I upset the top seed, and set the 60m finals record with a 7.62. It was also my 8th PSAC title which was also a school record. I also went on to set the school indoor 200m record (24.92) and set the school outdoor 400m record 55.75. I couldn’t have had a successful senior year without Corexcell’s training program.

Palmerton HS, 100, 200, 400, TJ

Jessica Pereira

In my sophomore year i finished 7th in the 100(13.34) in districts. 6th in the 200(27.54), and 30’1″ in the triple jump. I heard about Corexcell from my best friends brother, Robbie Frey, who was training for the NFL, so I decided to train as well. It paid off as the next year people couldn’t believe how fast I had gotten. Other girls times were nearly the same while my times dropped. I was undefeated in races all of my junior year and won districts in 100 with 12.87, 200(26.2) 400(58.32) and 2nd in triple jump(34’10”). My senior year i my 100 time fell to 12.4 and my 200 time fell to 25.76. I broke the school record and qualified to states in the 100, 200, and 400. My time went from 13.34 to 12.4 and my 200 time went from 27.54 to 25.76 All thanks to Corexcell!!!


Whitehall HS, 100, 200

Kelsey Gregory

I came in Corexcell to start training during 10th grade season and it was hard to make the finals in leagues and couldn’t make the finals of Districts. So I decided to try out Corexcell. It began to work I got faster and in my junior year I could make the District finals in the 100, and 200. My senior year I trained for 9 months so that I could have a good senior year. y senior year I only lost 3 races up until leagues. I won the 200 meter at the Allen Invitational. Then I finished 3rd in the 100 and the 200 in districts. My time before I stared was 13.3 and senior year it had fallen to 12.56. In the 200 my time when I started was 13.54 and it fell to 12.56 and my 200 time went from 27.74 to 26.01! THANKS Corexcell!!!

Triple Jump

Kelly Robertson

I came to Corexcell because I wanted to get ready for Division I Volleyball and Improve on my Triple Jump. My core got stronger. The machines they have got me really explosive which made my vertical jump went up. They’re testing revealed that I was tight in certain areas and how being inflexible would hurt my jumping and running. So they pushed me to get more flexible with their stretch program and it did wonders. I even touched their 10’2″ Basketball rim. I was coming off a year off from a knee injury and I Triple Jumped 37’11″, a full foot more than my previous best and took 5th at State Championship. I highly recommend it to any Track Jumper that wants see serious improvement


College Triple Jumper

Lauryn Solt

I started Corexcell because my teammates were going and I wanted to have a competitive edge. As a Sophmore I had Triple Jumped 30’10” and finished outside of the top ten at Districts. When I came in they got me a lot stronger. My squat went up around 100lb and my bench went up 30lbs. I got more explosive and I qualified for Indoor states high jump in my 1st meet junior year. It was amazing I ended up winning AA District Triple Jump with a jump of 35′. It was and increase of over 4′ in 3-4 months! My speed increased drastically and I ran the anchor on the 4×100 team that took the school record in 49.8 and also qualified for AAA States. Also I qualified for States in AAA High Jump as a Senior with a 5’4″ jump with was tied with District Champ. Corexcell helped my get a scholarship. Thanks Corexcell!

Whitehall HS, 400 Meters

Christian Malone

I came to Corexcell because I heard about how fast they get people.  I had finished 5th in the 400 meters at districts my sophomore year with a time of 52.6, and I felt that with the right training i could be a District Champion.  They helped me in all the areas i needed to get my time down.  I got noticeably stronger and flexible.  We did tons explosive exercises to quickly add speed.  The trainers spent a great deal of time on the technique of my block starts and running form.  They made sure i was eating the proper nutrients in my diet.  After 3 months of training the season had come and i felt in great shape.  I won every race except one my junior year and I had the areas best time.  But I save the best for last as I ran my best race in the district final winning by a few feet with a time of 50.35.  I had shaved around 2 seconds off in 3 and half month and I had a district 400 meter gold medal.


Nazareth HS, 100 & 200 Meters

Tyler Kern

I’d like to thank you guys out a lot. When I pulled my hamstring my junior year I miss a lot of meets and it was not getting better after months of therapy.  But you guys helped me rebuild my hamstring from the ground up and get my flexibility back so I could had a good senior season.  Then i got so explosive and i nearly broke the school record in the 200 (21.9).  and ran a 10.6 100.  I made it through my senior season.  Thanks Corexcell.

College Sprinter & Jumper

Christelle Reglas

After Stani Schiavone introduced my friends and me to CoreXCell, we saw almost immediate improvement. When you’re doing well, you think you’re doing everything right, but Brandon and Zack taught me the right form for running, block starts, and jumping. Brandon and Zack taught me the right form for running, block starts, and jumping. My flexibility and strength also increased. When I first started Core as a sophomore, my squat was at 185 and now as a senior it is approaching 300lbs. The work outs are explosive and cut right to the chase. 3 out of 4 girls on the Bangor 4x100m relay went to CoreXCell since November and now we are the holders of a new school record. I went from running 13.4 100m, 27.4 200m, and jumping 15’ 3” to running 12.5 100m, 26.0 100m, and jumping 17’1”. Core is also great with injuries. They introduced me to KT tape and ATA revitalization. They also have ultrasound technology to help with pain relief and stretches, better than the conventional methods. Not only does Core help you stay in top performing shape, but their members are always there to support you to make sure you are doing well and to take notes and correct what you can continue to improve on. Brandon was able to attend our league meet and corrected my form and gave me resistance bands to use before my race. I did what he told me to do and I ended up getting the gold for the 200m dash. Now, I will be attending Moravian College to run Greyhound Track and Field in the fall of 2012 and I could not have gotten there without the CoreXCell team’s help. Thank you Brandon, Zack, Craig, and Matt for everything!


College Pole Vaulter

Allison Vanek

My sister went to train at Corexcell and got a Division I Scholarship for Long Jump. So I was motivated to come workout. My coach said I needed to get faster and work on my upper body strength in order to jump higher. They worked on my running form and got me stronger so I could run faster. Then I won the Allen Invitational, Colonial Leagues, Districts and The State Championship in one month. And on my final attempt at States I jumped 12′ 7” and set the AA state record. Then I got a Division I scholarship. Thanks Corexcell.

College High Jumper

Conor Ewell

Thanks a lot for working with me over the fall/winter for this season. I had a great year and Brandon and Zach helped a lot. From the first meet i noticed how much more height and explosiveness i was getting in my jump. Brandon told me one day when i was working out that i would get 6″6 and i got that at leagues. Last year i was jumping 6’2. I improved in the long and triple as well. I’m going to West Chester next year and I’m pretty sure I am doing track there. I appreciated what you guys did to help me this year.


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