Division I, Arizona Diamondbacks Outfielder

Scott Kalamar

In only a month of working with Zack, I gained five inches to my vertical and my throwing arm for pitching (baseball) felt noticeably faster and more flexible. It helped me get a scholarship as my 60 went from 7.3 to 6.8. I also added 20lbs of muscle in a winter which helped me add power at the plate. It is amazing how fast the results are felt with this program. It is not like regular weight training. It’s more explosive and a lot more fun to do.

Independent League Outfielder & Pitcher

Pat Kregeloh

Ill start by saying that Corexcell has help me to become an all around better athlete. I started going to Corexcell after College and after my first stint in Independent professional baseball. Right away I saw a difference in the amount of strength I had with still maintaining my flexibility. Over a few months my 60 time improved from a 7.3 to a 6.8. CoreXcell’s programs are combated to activate all the physiological systems that lead to overall athletic performance. I have never been able to be as strong as possible, with being as athletic as possible. Once I got on the programs at corxcell I was able to accomplish that. I also like how CoreXcell finds a way to have sport specific training for every sport. This is great for the months before the season is about to start. Overall if you are an athlete looking to improve on your athletic performance, CoreXcell is the place to train.


Liberty HS RHP

Ben Hudock

The gains I received at CoreXcell are highly noticeable and impressive. My 60 yard dash was a 7.2 coming in and now it is a 6.7. My Throwing Velocity started at 80 mph and is now 86 mph. I improved in all aspects of my game thanks to the trainers and the programs. CoreXcell is easily best gym out there.

Whitehall HS RHP


When I started as a Sophmore, I had dreams of playing Division III baseball. After 6 months of Corexcell training, multiple Division I schools were asking me to commit for a scholarship. I trained in the winter of Nov 2010 to March 2011. I got much quicker and more explosive. My 60 yd. dash went from 7.9 to 7.28. My fastball went from 77 m.p.h. to 87 m.p.h. Now hitting 90 m.p.h is in striking distance and its all because of Core!


Division I 1st Baseman

Tyler Brong

Corexcell has helped my overall athleticism and reaction time more than what I thought was possible. I am now jumping and catching high throws at first base that I would not have even made an attempt to catch, if it had not been for my training at Corexcell. I also have noticed that I can wait longer on a pitch before having to start my swing. This has allowed me to identify pitch type as well as location, and increased my confidence at the plate. The techniques I have learned while training at Corexcell, with regard to starts, has allowed me be more of a threat on the base paths. I know now that I have the ability to steal, unlike last year (before training at core). My 60 yd. dash went from 7.4 to 6.68 which gives me outfielder like speed.

Division I RHP, OF

Westyn Baylor

I would personally like to thank you and your staff for working with Westyn this summer. I know he was only in your program for a little over two months, but the progress he has shown is truly amazing. Especially his batting power!!! Other aspects of his game has also been elevated too. He told me that he will continue with some of the workouts that you showed him on top of his schools workout. You will definitely see Westyn over winter break this year. Again, thank you!


Division I 2nd Baseman

Brett Bittiger

When I came to Corexcell, my overall game was pretty good, but the knock on me was my speed as I ran a 7.5 60 yd. dash. I knew some other baseball players who went there and got good results, so I thought I would give it a try. The workouts were so intense with running, lifting, and stretching. The hard winter of training paid off as I was more explosive running a 7.2 60 yd. dash. All that earned me a Division I Scholarship and I even got Drafted by the Oakland A’s.

Division I 1st Baseman

Jay Maletz

I began training at Corexcell during the Spring of 2011, during my junior year of high school.  During this time, I was being recruited by several schools.  I could hit and field, however, the one thing that the schools wanted me to work on was my speed and agility.  My first test for my 60 yard dash was an 8.1.  For the next two months, I worked out three times a week.  By the end of the summer, I dropped my 60 yard dash .8 seconds down to a 7.3.  I worked hard with Zach, Craig, and Brandon in two months to conquer my biggest weakness.  That season, I was named first team all-area and honorable mention all-state. As a result of my training at Corexcell, I received a scholarship to play Division 1 baseball at Coppin State University.  Corexcell takes all credit for significantly improving my speed, strength, and agility.  Core proved to me that with hard work and dedication, anything can be accomplished.


Division I Outfielder

Logan Winchester

I started working out with Zack in August of 2006, before going into my senior year of high school. Around this time, I went to a recruiting camp at Lehigh University, where the coaches told me that my hitting was great, but my speed was a concern for making the team. My 60 yard dash time was a 7.54 seconds. After only four weeks of working out with Corexcell, my high school coach and I noticed a significant difference in my speed. During my entire high school baseball career, I was known as the kid who could hit but was incredibly slow. Corexcell changed all that. For my final season in school, I was known as a runner as much as I was known for my ability to hit. I owe that to my Corexcell training. I also was recruited by Lehigh University and became state and regional player of the year that year. During the summer of 2007, preparing for my freshman year try-outs for Lehigh University, I was tested in my 60 yard dash again. My time was a 6.68, one of the top 4 times on the entire team. Zack’s training took an entire second off my 60 time . I always thought I would be slow but the possibilities are endless with this training system.

Division I 1st Baseman

Patrick Walshe

I had known some friends who had gotten great results with Corexcell, so I decided that’s the place to workout. As I got stronger, I could see a big difference in my power and bat speed. I got so much more flexible and quick. I actually became one of the quicker kids on the team and I owe it all to Core.


Division II SS

Matt Bahnick

Corexcell has changed everything about my game. In 2008, I started varsity as a sophomore at second base at Bethlehem Catholic. I had a below average year and really didn’t think I had what it took to be a successful ball player in the Lehigh Valley area. After training at Corexcell for 5 months before the 2009 season, I transformed myself into the player I wanted to become. I received first team All-Conference Shortstop, and also received First team All-Area in both the Morning Call and the Express times. I was also a member of the Carpenter Cup team. The 2009 season was a great turning point for me, and with continued training, I expect the next few to be even better. Zack and Brandon do such a great job focusing on our weaknesses and making them our strong points by the beginning of the season. I always knew I had what it took to be a Division 1 athlete, but I knew I needed to fix the physical part of my game. With Core, I have done that, and now I am receiving attention from the Division 1 coaches. This season, I would not have had any of the success that I had without the training at Corexcell.

Division I RHP

Colin Gotzon

I went from a no name to an All-Conference player after training at Corexcell for 5 months before the 2009 season. My batting was so much better because of my reaction speed and new power behind my swing. My speed was always an issue, but after training, I finally started beating out first base hits and stealing bases. Without this training, I would have never been recognized by college scouts for my talent. My velocity went from 85-90 m.p.h and the coaches were very impressed.


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