Full Back, Temple University

Nick Sharga

CoreXcell has been with me every step of the way. I honestly do not think I’d be where I’m at today without them.

Division I Running Back

Chuck DeBlilio

I tried taking speed training into my own hands the last couple of years. I bought all of the Sparq training equipment from Eastbay, thinking it would make me faster. After two years of training and finding I was not getting any faster, I found out that the equipment does not work and that I needed expert advice on helping me to become faster. I came to Corexcell running a 4.89 forty, and a 33 inch vertical. After training here for only a month and a half, my forty dropped to a 4.65 and my vertical went up to a 36. Then, after a 2nd off season of Corexcell training, I got my 40 to 4.53. Training here proved that 2 years of training on my own does not even compare to the results I attained after a month and a half with Zack and Brandon at Corexcell. I will forever be thankful for what they did for me. I would never be at Princeton had it not been for them.


Running Back, Penn State University

Saquon Barkley

I was always strong in the weight room and lifted all through high school and college. I always felt like something was missing and I always felt tight. The main difference from Corexcell and other gyms is their focus on small muscles and flexibility. They taught me a lot about my body and injury prevention. The training was also fun and a challenging and gave me an edge with my speed and athleticism. I recommend this to any young high school football player. Being strong and flexible is key.

Division I Defensive Back & Kick Returner

Dan Wilk

I originally began training at other places around the area. They were okay; however I did not feel like I was getting my money’s worth out of their programs. When I met Zack, he introduced me to the Corexcell training methods and I realized that if I wanted to enhance my athletic abilities, training at Core would be the best option in the area. Corexcell greatly improved my flexibility, speed, and vertical leap in only one months time, training 2x’s per week. With other training programs, I was training as hard as I could but saw no results. Originally, my 40 yard dash was at a 4.55 and after one month, I was clocked at a 4.45 and a 4.49 at two separate camps. My vertical also improved from 29 inches to 32 inches. I would never be playing football at such a high level had it not been for Corexcell.


Division III Defensive End

Josh McCoun

The Corexcell training program has helped me improve my flexibility, vertical jump, speed, and quickness, in a very short period of time. In 2 months ,my 40 went from a 4.93 to 4.75, which I was clocked at the Albright preseason football camp. There is no question this program works. I just wish I had known about it sooner. I had been so focused on heavy weight training for the last 3 years. I set state records in power lifting, but my strength had never really helped me that much on becoming a faster more agile athlete on the field. It was not until I met Zack and Brandon at Corexcell that I became a faster, more powerful athlete. In the first 2 weeks of training, I could feel an immediate difference in my quickness and speed. I trained with them for the next 2 months before the season and my vertical went from 30-36 inches and my forty dropped from a 5.2 to a 4.68. This program has brought my confidence and playing ability to a whole other level.

Division I Free Safety

Kevin Kroboth

I am the starting safety for Temple Universities football team. I am in my junior year and currently ranked 30th in the nation at my position. Before I came to Corexcell, I was basically playing off all my natural ability. For the little time I have trained here already, Zack and the trainers have taken me through workouts that have gotten me more explosive, agile, and faster. My technique and footwork I have been using for the past three years was average, but with the drills and exercises they have me do, it has taken my game to a whole other level. I can tell that this training will make me become the best player I possibly can be. The Corexcell philosophy and workouts have brought me so far along in my game, it is crazy to think what kind of player I can become after training here for months.


Division I Football

Stephon Font-Toomer

There isn’t a minute that goes by when I’m not thinking about my family at CoreXcell. I thank my elite training staff everyday for having the patience and will to work with me this past off-season. My little success in practice is a constant reminder of how hard we worked this summer and the quickness of progression we achieved in such minimal time. I simply cannot wait for my next sessions at coreXcell solely for the reason that I know we will get better and better. See you guys very soon and God Bless

Division I Running Back

Kevin Kowalishen

I was a preferred walk on to Penn state for the 2009 season, which meant I had to perform well the first day of practice in order to make the team. I had 3 months to train in the summer before camp and didn’t know the first thing about how to go about training myself. I heard about Corexcell through a friend and after talking with Zack and Brandon, I had a feeling they could get me ready for Penn State football. After the first month of training, my forty dropped from a 4.56 to a 4.37 and my vertical went from 31 inches to 33 inches. This just made me want to train even harder. At the end of the 3 months, I was in the best shape ever. My forty dropped to 4.33, my bench went from 260 lbs to 295 lbs., and my squat went from 395 lbs to 425 lbs. I was so confident going into my first day of camp and not suprisingly, I ended up making the Penn State roster. I could never have achieved such an accomplishment had it not been for Corexcell.


Division III Quarterback

TJ Luddy

Going to Core X Cell has made me into a better all around athlete so far. I have increased my vertical, strength, speed, quickness, and everything possible for football. This program helped me bring my 40 down from a 4.78 to a high 4.59. Training with Byrd and Zack has increased my flexibility hands down. I feel much faster and quicker by coming here twice a week and I appreciate everything they have done for me. I can’t wait to see what the training has done for me when I perform on the field this year.

Right Tackle, Eagles, Indianapolis Colts

Winston Justice

Corexcell has helped me heal my injured knee, regain my agility, and repossess my explosiveness. Watching the film after the Redskins game, my 1st game back from injury, made me realize how much Corexcell has helped me. My pass sets were ridiculous. I was actually asked to train at another training facility, which trains hundreds of NFL players in Florida. They will never see me. Corexcell is where it’s at.


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