Blood Testing

Many trainers and nutritionists say you need to be taking this vitamin or this supplement to improve performance and fitness levels. The truth is ALL vitamins & macronutrients work together in harmony. No one vitamin will improve your performance and all vitamins need to be put in balance to maximize training levels.  

Blood work tells us all. Athletes who want to get to the next level of fitness and injury prevention, we refer them to Dr. Bognet, to test their blood and DNA to see what specifically the athlete should be taking based on their personal body type.

Dr. Bognet is a former Nuclear Engineer for NASA, who now is a D.O. specializing in human performance. (Click here learn more- https://www.lvhn.org/find_a_doctor/profile/1167)


Nutrition/Supplements Plans:

Athletes with poor eating habits will make very little progress on reaching higher levels of fitness, even if they are taking the right supplements. Eating correctly is the first step to optimizing your training goals.

It is important not to get caught up in one new diet fad after another. The truth is nutrition plans need to be set up based on the sport and training regimen of the athlete.

More endurance-based athletes are better on a high fat, high protein, with very little carbs. Similar to the Keto diet. Putting your body in a state of ketosis is far superior for cardio and anaerobic recovery. 

Explosive athletes training to get faster and stronger will still eat high fat, high protein but need far more slow burning carbs like brown rice and sweet potatoes to fuel their strength gains and power output. 

Our job at CoreXCell is to teach you what fits you best based on your blood work test and sport requirements.


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