Much like earning a black belt in martial arts, Corexcell has developed a 6 level tiered system to motivate athletes to maximize their athletic performance and safeguard them from injury. All 6 levels are geared toward serious athletes who want to make a difference in their athletic career.

Each level builds upon the next, making the routines more challenging and unique at every stage. We test each athlete before moving onto a higher level of training to make sure they will not get injured and be able to handle the more demanding training routine

Program Customization

Each training level combines sprinting, jumping and lifting into one complete program. The training volume is customized for each athlete depending on their sport.  Correctly Tailoring the programs will avoid over training and allow athletes to reach their goals in both speed and strength. 

Testing Protocol

What is unique about our system is how we test to reach a new training level.  The testing is not based on how much weight you lift, how fast you run, or how high you jump.  Our testing is based on how strong your smaller supportive muscles are in the core, hips, and shoulders.  This tells us your ready for a more challenging level to train harder and lift heavier weights without injury.

Each Level Can be Repeated

Each level is comprised of a four (4) week long training cycles. However, each level is designed to be repeated in order to get continued performance results. In other words, if you decide to discontinue the program after completing Level 1 or 2, you can repeat those programs multiple times for continued performance gains. Obviously, to maximize your full potential the best results will come from completing all 6 Levels.

Level 1 – Athletic Development

The first level is designed to develop the proper strength and speed foundation to run faster, jump higher and prepare the body for higher levels of training. Another goal of Level 1 is to continue the advancement of the COREXS12 exercises in order to fully correct muscle weaknesses and imbalances.

Level 1 benefits all athletes. Even professional athletes with years of training experience achieve new personal records in their speed, jumping and lifting abilities after completing Level 1. Most athletes have not trained in an advanced system like ours and stand to make significant gains even starting at an entry level.

Level 2 – Fully Loaded

Level 2 combines different loading aspects (isometric, eccentric, and concentric) into one phase to teach the athlete how to control their body and properly absorb force. The more force you can learn to absorb, the faster you can cut, run, jump and safeguard against injuries. This level sets the stage to reach peak athletic performance in Levels 3 and 4.

Level 3 & 4 – Force Production

Level 3 & 4 tap into the ground work established in Levels 1 and 2 to maximize power and force production. The main goal of these two levels is to use heavier weight loads and move them fast with full recovery between each rep to maintain bar speed. Completing this training level sets the stage for athletes to reach peak sprint speed and maximize jumping gains in Level 5.  The main difference between Level 3 & 4 is we use different lifting variations to challenge the athlete and recruit more motor unit patterns to boost strength levels.  

Level 5 – Speed Peak

Level 4 is designed to peak the athlete’s speed and jumping ability by combining three different training methods to recruit more fast twitch muscle fibers. The first method is called IMT “Immovable Object Training” where the athlete squats, deadlifts, benches without weight on the bar and presses into the squat rack at 90-100% effort. This improves force velocity without the risk of injury while being less taxing on the body than heavy weight training. The second method is called RRS “Reactive Reversal Strength” where the athletes perform lighter weight lifts focused on quick change of direction using primarily band tension. The third is APT “Assist Plyometrics Training” where we assist the athlete to jump higher than normal, tricking the nervous system to make better explosive and speed gains.

Level 6 – Black Belt Testing

The last phase does not involve any sports training and is used to test the athlete to see how far they have come with their speed, agility and explosive power. The tests include: the 20 yard dash, broad jump, vertical jump, 10 yard shuttle, and a 100yd x 15 conditioning test. When you test yourself, record a video of your performances and send them to us. If you pass all of our physical tests, we will send you a FREE black Corexcell long sleeve zip up top (representing your black belt) and you will also receive a FREE LIFETIME subscription to our training app.