“12 Foundations combined with 12 Progressions”

2x per week: 12 foundations are performed 1x per week and 12 progressions are performed on a separated day during the week.
4x per week: Also have the option to split (progressions & foundations) up over 4 days.

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Equipment Needed

Below are all the exercises you get with your purchase. In blue are the free videos to review.



Hips Intro

1 Clam Cross Wobble Walks
2 Groin Rotator Bent Groin Squeeze
3 Knee in Bridge North Pole – Hamstrings
4 Lunge Back Acceleration Lunge
5 Hip Width Tuck Sumo Tuck


6 AB SL Punch Double Leg Lift
7 Obl Side Reach Core Turn
8 Lumbar 1/4 Pull QUAW

Shoulder Intro

9 Elbow Arch Posture Flys
10 V Low Row Palms Face Row
11 Side Pull Down Boxer Pull Down
12 Bench Cuff Barbell Standing Cuff

Extremity Training


1 Foot Forward Press Ankle Inverts
2 Floor Heal Lift Shin Pull Backs


1 Bear Claw DB Walks
2 Side Wrist Extension Reverse Grip


1 Forward Angle Chicken
2 Side Rocker Unilateral Trap Work

Lifting Technique

Squat & Bench Technique Program

Form Squat
Wide Box Squat Technique
DB Form Press
BB Bench-Contraction Technique