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Below are CoreXcell designed college recruiting videos.

They show game highlight clips along with the athlete training at CoreXcell. Our videos have dramatically increased our athletes’ chances of being recruited by college coaches.

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Seton Hall Baseball

Matt Leon

After showing this video to Seton Hall baseball coaches, they came 3 times to watch Matt pitch for Liberty high school. The video gave multiple pitching angles allowing the coaches to get a clear understanding of Matt’s pitching skills. Matt ended up getting recruited by Seton Hall and made the team. If the video was never created the Seton Hall coaches would have never been interested.

Temple University Football

Nick Sharga

Nick injured his knee his junior year and senior year hurting his chances to earn a D1 scholarship for football. He took a year off and trained at Corexcell full time. In the process we made a number of training videos. The video prompted dozens of D3 and D2 schools to recruit him. The video helped him get a full scholarship to West Virginia Weslyan (WVW). After attending WVW, and boosting his football stats, we made another video for him with his college highlights and Corexcell training clips. Temple football saw the video and instantly recruited Nick. Nick will be starting for Temple in 2015 season.

College Volleyball

Melissa Bosco

(Testimonial from Melissa’s Father) “Corexcell did an amazing job putting together a video that included titles, intro music, select highlight game clips, and her doing various workouts at Corexcell. It was extremely well done. The Volleyball coaches and scouts were really impressed by the video because they got to see her hard work off the court as well as her on court performance.”

UNC Field Hockey

Jessica Pereira

Our video helped Jess get onto the UNC field hockey team. The day before signing day, UNC’s Coach Shelton was deciding between two girls; Jess being one of them. After seeing our video of Jess, the coach made the smart decision and selected her for the team. The clip below shows Jess almost beating Abbey Frey, starting Tar Heel and teammate, by an inch! UNC gave Jess 75% Scholarship.

Professional Football

Galen Clemens

“The Corexcell videos along with my NFL combine performance helped me get a tryout with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. My agent used that video get me a tryout with the Pittsburgh Power Arena Football Team.”

Professional Football

Robbie Frey

His Corexcell video showcased all his combine events and a private workout with the Green Bay Packers. His agent sent the video to various NFL teams allowing him to make the Atlanta Falcons practice team. He injured his foot and was released from the team.


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