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Therapy that works!!!

Due to our licensed technology and testing protocol, most of our clients significantly improve after one or two treatments, and we have the testimonials to backup this statement. Our therapy works for all ages and levels.


Corexcell has developed its own proprietary testing methodology to pinpoint weaknesses. The testing is based on 12 stabilizers muscles in the body. four in the hips, four in the shoulders, and four in the trunk/core region. If one of these 12 stabilizer muscles are weak, injuries will occur as a result. We then strengthen the weaknesses affecting the injury, which will eliminate the pain allowing the injury to heal.

Phoenix Wave Therapy

Heal even faster!!!
Once the weaknesses our pinpointed we perform targeted strengthening exercises while running an electrical current through the imbalance to strengthen the weakness at a faster rate.

Normal stim machines rarely gets results. We use a safer more effective technology called the Phoenix wave. This device contracts muscles at 300-500 times a second, making clients instantly strong. What usually takes 2-3 months to strengthen a weakness can now be done in 2-3 sessions. Clients also love the feeling of the device and the instantaneous relief of long term pain.

We are the only company in the Lehigh Valley licensed to sell, train, and use the machine.

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