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We have a track record of being able to fix most clients with muscular or tendinitis related injuries in 6-8 sessions or less. And we have the testimonials to back up this statement. Note: if your injury requires surgery, we will not be able to heal you and we can only offer minimal relief.

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Muscle Testing & Rehab Protocol

Before customizing a rehab program we test each client using our COREXS12 “Corrective Exercise System.” The rehab method uses 12 corrective exercises and stabilizer muscle tests (5 hip, 4 shoulder, 3 trunk/core). If one of these 12 stabilizer muscles is weak, injuries will occur as a result. To heal the client we simply strengthen the weakness determined from the testing, and the injury is healed. It is that simple!!

We also have 6 additional exercises for the wrist, neck, and ankles.  

Note: If the injury requires surgery our rehab protocol will not fix the injury

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