Phoenix wave advantage:

  • Injuries can be healed at a significantly faster rate
  • Lifting strength and speed will dramatically increase in a short period of time
  • The Phoenix Wave is NOT a normal muscle stim machine. The Phoenix contracts muscles at 300-500 times a second, making athletes instantly strong and clients will remain strong even when the machine is not in use. What takes 2-3 months to strengthen a weakness you can now do in 2-3 sessions.

Normal Stem Vs Phoenix Wave

Tens units or Russian stim machines will burn the skin and injure the muscle tissue if you turn up the contraction speed to 500 times a second. Surprisingly, even at higher intensity settings the phoenix feels like a strong healthy tingle on the muscle. Almost all other stim units feel uncomfortable and irritating at lower settings and extremely painful at higher settings.

The key to the Phoenix is it uses a direct current square wave frequency. This specialized current trains the nerve signal to contract the muscle at high speeds with out causing any muscular damage.

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