These exercises will be used as a two week preparation before moving into Level 1.

Below are the 12 main exercises you will be tested on along with Squat and Bench Technique, before entering Level 1.

In blue are the sample videos you can watch from the test.

Hips Intro

1 Ball Flip
(Glute Minimus, Medius)
2 Groin Rotator
(Adductor Brevis, Longus, Gracilis)
3 Hip Width Tuck
(Glute Max & Medius Lower Portion)
4 Knee in Bridge
(Hamstring Semimembranosus)
5 Lunge Back
(Hip Flexors-Rectus Femoris & Adductors)


6 SL AB Punch
(Unilateral Rectus & Transverse Abdominals)
7 Core Turn
(Internal, External Oblique same side)
8 Lumbar 1/4 Pulls
(Lumbar region Latissimus dorsi & Errectors)

Shoulder Intro

9 Elbow Arch
(lower Trapezius, Rhomboids)
10 V Low Row
(Latissimus dorsi-humorous head insertion)
11 Side Pull Down
(Teres Major)
12 Bench Cuff
(Infraspinatus, Teres Minor)