Adult Specialized Fitness Programs

Being in your early 40’s or late 60’s does not mean you can’t train at a high level and protect yourself from injuries. We have helped many older athletes get out of pain and back to being active again, playing the sports they grew up with and love.

The key to our Adult specialized training method is testing our clients to see what supportive muscle weaknesses are holding them back from progressing or may be causing their injuries. We then design individualized programs to pinpoint the muscle weakness and correct the structural imbalances.

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Long Term Health

Another key component to helping our adult clients is getting them on the correct nutrition and vitamins based on testing their blood and DNA

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Levels of Training

After about 4-6 weeks of building the smaller muscle foundation and perfecting lifting form with lighter loads, we can safely advance our adult clients to more challenging levels of sports performance involving weight training, jumping/plyometrics, and sprinting/conditioning.

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