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Corexs12 Foundations

Is a do it yourself rehab web app that Comes with 12 foundational exercises for rehab and injury prevention. 5 hip, 4 shoulder, 3 core. We also have 6 additional exercises for the wrist neck ankles.

Corexs24 Full System

Comes with Corexs12 foundations and also Includes 12 combined progression exercises and 2 private video call sessions to learn the exercises from our trainers. The 12 progressions are used a transition from rehab/injury prevention into a high level fitness routine. Also check out Level 1 Sports Training below

Private Therapy Package

Comes with Corexs24 Full System along with 6 private video call sessions. We evaluate your injuries and work one on one with you to customize your rehab program and perfect exercise technique

  Corexs12 Foundations Corexs24 Full System Private Therapy Package
PURCHASE HERE $60 $225 $575
2x or 4x per week Programs / Videos: Interactive Web App
4 months Online Access
12 Foundation Exercises
12 Combined Progression Exercises  
6 Ankle Wrist Neck Foundation Exercises
6 Ankle Wrist Neck combined Progressions  
Squat & Bench Technique Programs
2 Private 60min Video Calls    
6 Private 60min Video Calls    
Customized Rehab Program & Highest Injury Success Rate    
Level 1 Sports Training Program    

Level 1 Sports Training

Purchase: $395
Includes Corexs24 Full System, 4 Private Video Call Sessions, & 4x per week: Lift, Jump, Sprint Programs
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3 Part Rehab Certification
Part 1: $575 - is considered and includes everything in Private Therapy Package above. Purchase there.
Part 2: $1000 - 10 video call sessions working with you and your injured clients. We also use the sessions to perfect the form of Corexs24
Part 3: $250 - 2 hour Oral Exam and Exercise Form Test
Sports Training Certification
$850 - Must Complete Part 1 & 2 of your Rehab Certification before you can start your Sports Training Certification. An additional 8 hours of Private Video Calls to recieve all 6 Levels of our Sports Training